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We’ll cover your costsWe will not charge any lender fees* and we will help you cover your third party closing costs* on your future refinance
*For more information on this program, please read the Terms and Conditions below
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If rates drop, refinance easily on us!

  • We will make it really easy for you - just refresh the information you had provided to us, sign a few docs, and if you qualify, you’ll be on your way.
  • We will not charge any lender fees* and we will cover the majority of third party closing costs* including appraisal, title and government fees.
*For more information on this program, please read the Terms and Conditions below
How much you might save with
Buy Now Refi Later
All data are estimates and provided for informational purposes only. Actual amounts and rates may vary.
Payment with current Rate**


Original Mortgage Amount
Loan Program
Today’s Mortgage Rate (APR)
Payment with hypothetical refinance**


Current Mortgage Balance
Loan Program
Potential Refinance Rate (APR)
** Loan scenarios assume a single family primary residence in King County, WA, with the identified loan amount and loan term, 80% LTV, a credit score 720. Quoted monthly payments do not include escrows for taxes, insurance and mortgage insurance, if applicable; actual monthly payment may be greater. This is not a commitment to lend. The listed Today’s Mortgage Rate is being provided for informational purposes only and assumes a purchase transaction; any mortgage rate offered to you will depend on your loan circumstances, timing of your rate lock, and be based upon Flyhomes Mortgage’s available loan programs and underwriting criteria. The hypothetical refinance scenario assumes a rate/term refinance (cash out excluded) that is originated after 24 months of on-time monthly payments being made, with no individuals being added/removed from title, and a single signing. The Potential Refinance Rate is being displayed for informational purposes only and is not an actually available interest rate, and assumes a rate that is 2.00% (APR) lower than the listed Today’s Mortgage Rate.
Sample third party closing costs***


Appraisal fee$500
Credit check fee$70
Flood cert fee$5
Title fee$2,320
Settlement fee$1,345
Notary fee$150
Recording fee$550
Fees covered by Flyhomes-$4,940

Total third party refi costs$0
***Sample third party closing costs are provided for informational purposes only, and are based upon a hypothetical refinance scenario, using data pulled with a closing date through 1/16/2023 for a rate/term refinance transaction (no cash-out) for a single family primary residence in King County, WA, with $500,000 loan amount, 80% LTV, and a credit score 720. Washington state sales tax has been included in sample title and settlement fee. Actual third-party closing costs and fee amounts may vary depending on property locations, loan amount, and loan terms.
How we can help you winPosition yourself well in any scenario
Rates go up: WIN
Great, you locked in a fixed long term rate on your new home!
Rates stay flat: WIN
You’re no worse off buying now, and are able to start building equity sooner than later!
Rates go down: WIN
Come on back and we’ll refinance your loan to a lower rate and we will cover most of your closing costs on the refinance
Frequently Asked Questions
  • We will not charge lender fees and cover most of the costs of third-party services such as appraisal, title work and recording fees.* You will still be responsible for prepaid items such as accrued interest, property taxes, homeowner's insurance, and mortgage insurance (if applicable).

  • The current mortgage on your property must have been originated with Flyhomes Mortgage at least 6 months prior to refinancing. There will continue to be loan eligibility requirements based on credit score, debt-to-income ratio, loan-to-value ratio, and all other applicable mortgage guidelines.* A Flyhomes Mortgage Loan Officer will be able to review your files and answer questions about your specific qualifications.

  • You are eligible to refinance with the Buy Now Refi Later program any time after 6 months from the origination date of your original long-term mortgage with Flyhomes Mortgage.

  • No. This offer will remain valid for you indefinitely, as long as you own your current home and the current mortgage on the property was originated by Flyhomes Mortgage.*

  • No, the Buy Now Refi Later program only applies to rate/term refinances. However, Flyhomes Mortgage is more than happy to help you with a Cash-out refinance, outside of this program.

  • We will first try to get an appraisal waiver through our automated underwriting system. If we are not able to attain one, then we will order another appraisal. Good news - we will cover the cost of that appraisal if it’s needed!

*For more information on this program, please read the Terms and Conditions below

*Terms and Conditions The “Buy Now, Refi Later” program is offered by Flyhomes Mortgage, LLC (“FHM”), and is open to customers who closed a long-term purchase mortgage loan with FHM after locking a mortgage rate with FHM between January 1, 2023 and June 30, 2023 (“FHM Customers”). Note: This offer does not apply to the refinance of Flyhomes Cash Offer short-term loan into a long-term loan by Flyhomes Mortgage. Additionally, if a customer obtained a Flyhomes Cash Offer short-term loan, and refinanced it into a long-term loan with a different lender, that customer would not be eligible for this offer. To be eligible for a reduced fee refinance under this program, a FHM Customer must meet FHM’s applicable eligibility requirements at the time of refinance, including but not limited to, minimum loan amount, minimum credit score, debt-to-income ratio, loan-to-value ratio, good mortgage payment history and all other applicable mortgage underwriting guidelines. This is not a commitment to lend. The following additional terms apply: • Note that loan-to-value will be calculated from the appraised value at the time of the refinance. • No discount points or prepaids will be covered by FHM. Additionally, any items related to the payoff of existing debt, including accrued interest on the current mortgage, are also not covered by this program. • Flyhomes Mortgage will cover the following third-party fees, not to exceed $5,000 in the aggregate: appraisal, credit report, flood certificate, condo questionnaire, title insurance, settlement services, recording fee, notary fee. • Current mortgage on the property must have an origination date at least 6 months prior to application for refinance. • Rate and term refinances only. Cash-out refinances are not eligible. • Purchase mortgage loans that were originated or brokered by FHM as a non-qualified mortgage, or as a mortgage loan with a prepayment penalty, are not eligible. • The refinance must result in a tangible net benefit, including but not limited to a lower interest rate or lower monthly principal and interest payment. • Once your interest rate is locked on a refinance, the rate cannot be relocked for a better rate for at least 30 days after the current lock expiration. • This offer may only be used one time per property. • This offer is only available for properties purchased in Washington, California, Colorado, Texas, and Massachusetts. • Flyhomes Mortgage reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time.